Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spring Pole Lathe Measurements

I had a blog reader request some measurements on the Spring Pole Lathe so I thought I'd post some pictures of the lathe with a ruler on it for some key measurements. I'd like to add that these are just the measurements I came up with that I think will work well. But time and use will tell if they are going to actually be good dimensions. The height of the dead centers is one of the key measurements and this will probably want to change based on your height. I'm about 5'8 in boots and I'm gonna set my dead centers at 40", just about elbow height, maybe a touch higher. Anyway, here's some pictures that I hope will help.

62" width from outside to outside of vertical uprights. Bed
rails are 62" long.

About 55 1/8" from inside to inside of verticals.

32" from floor to top of bed rails.

36" total height to top of left vertical post. This post gets
no dead center.

About 48" to top of right side vertical. This side will receive
one dead center @40", probably about 2" in from the front

Moveable poppit. Around 22" overall. Will receive a dead
center about 8" up from the shoulder, but this measurement
will be made by sliding it over to the dead center installed
on the right vertical upright and marking directly from that
Bed rails are approximately 2 3/8" wide by 3 1/2" tall.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

I am envious of your awesome shop. You have great talent, my friend. Please excuse me if this was answered else where in your blog, why did you choose to build a spring pole lathe vs. a treadle lathe? Either way you do might fine work and thanks for sharing what you are doing. We all benefit from your insight.

Thanks again,

Jamie Bacon said...

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the shop and hope you're enjoying the blog. In the short amount of time I've been working out of it, the shop has proven to be everything I've needed and an inspirational place to work out of. Needless to say, I'm enjoying it very much.

As for going with the pole lathe versus the treadle, almost everyone has questioned that. I suppose that my reasoning is basically that a spring pole lathe is easier to build and I wasn't confident that I had enough knowledge right now to build a treadle lathe. I've never turned at all before, so I figure that if I like turning and want to upgrade, I'll just build a treadle lathe next. Although the president of my local SAPFM chapter just sent me an e-mail with some pictures of a great wheel lathe that looks almost identical to mine with a detached great wheel assembly with a rope going from around the great wheel to the workpiece to be turned, wrapped around the workpiece just as it would be for the spring pole. The advantage of this obviously is that it would easily turn my lathe from the reciprocating action of the pole, to the continual motion of the great wheel, with really no modification at all, just the addition of the wheel. The disadvantage being that turning would no longer be a one person job. But hey, I do have two daughters that need to earn their keep. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks very much....the numbers will help....though I'll have to adjust up a little for my 6'2" height!

Happy New Year!

Jamie Bacon said...

You're very welcome Derek. Hope it's a help. Yeah, at 6'2" your centers and tool rest will surely be different than mine. :-) Keep me posted if you make one.