Monday, December 10, 2012

Birthday Gifts and Some Simple Tool Storage

Just a quick post to gloat about my birthday gifts and show a few pics of some simple tool storage solutions around the shop.

The birthday loot:

From my wife and girls, a set of Marple's Beech handled English cabinetmakers screwdrivers from Tools for Working Wood, an 8" x 10' coil of .035 thick 1095 spring steel ( I see at least 3 panel saws and a frame saw or two in here ), and some Tremont cut box nails of various lengths. The piece of wood these are sitting on is a 4' length of 8/4 poplar, 17" wide, that I found at Woodcraft during our last SAPFM meeting. I don't know how to make a windsor chair yet, but when I do, I have enough for two seats here. Thanks for the birthday money that bought this mom. Maybe these aren't your most typical birthday gifts but they sure are MY kind of gifts.

And some shots of my tool storage:

Found a nice cask to replace the galvanized can.
Actually, the galvanized can fits inside the cask perfectly.

I love these racks. So simple to make but so versatile.

Room for more moulding planes. :)

This won't stay empty for long.

And my lumber storage rack above stairs:

Had to angle the uprights back somewhat to keep the rack
from intruding too far into the floor space.

And doesn't every shop need a place to hang your cocked hat?

No, I don't wear it when I'm working in the shop.
( Unless nobody's looking )


Anonymous said...

Great idea for your tool storage:)


Bert Bleckwenn said...

Really like your shop pics... has all the elements of a one-man Anthony Hayes Shop! You gotta feel good every time you walk to your shop.

BTW, what is your source for the spring steel that you got for Xmas?

Jamie Bacon said...

Thanks mom. You're this blogs biggest fan. :)

Jamie Bacon said...

Thanks Bert! I can't lie, I smile big every time I walk in there. It really has proved to be a great place to work functionally, and it's pretty inspiring on top of that.

The 1095 spring steel is from McMaster Carr. I order on-line and the stuff usually gets to me the next day. Super quick. I've gotten all my saw steel from them as well as all my tool steel for my chisels and striking knives.

Derek said...

Hi Josh,

Great ideas for storage...I think I'll be stealing shamelessly from you for ideas! I dream of being able to build a purpose-built shop like yours...maybe if/when I move back to MD.

Keep the pictures & updates coming!

Oh, and happy birthday...belatedly!


Derek said...

errr, I mean Jamie. Sorry about tools on the brain after visiting Hyperkitten and Jamie became Josh. Not a good sign....definitely need more coffee...and time in the shop!


Jamie Bacon said...

HaHa. No problem Derek. I understand completely. I have Tools on the Brain Syndrome also. It can be quite debilitating.
Help yourself to any ideas you like. I got a lot of my ideas from the cabinet shop and joiners shop in Colonial Williamsburg.

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