Saturday, June 9, 2012

Room for Rent:

Ready for immediate occupancy. Must be under 5" tall, winged, with feathers and a beak. Family's are welcome and encouraged.

Price: Negotiable, but if you eat some bugs around the shop, we'll call it good.

I picked up this bird bottle on my most recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg. They found fragments of these when they excavated the yard at the James Geddy House. They are said to have been used as insect control around kitchens and stables in 18th Century Williamsburg. I've always thought these were pretty cool and I figured it would be a nice touch for the shop. Finally got it hung yesterday. Just waiting on some tenants now. And the perfect twig to add as a perch.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shop Update: Better Than Cinder Blocks

Just got the front steps installed yesterday. I'm happy with them. They are yellow pine with the stringers and risers stained with solid white stain and the treads with a solid charcoal stain. The brick landing is of bricks that I got about a year and a half ago from the bulldozed foundation of a civil war era home. They are hand made and have a really cool look to them. I believe I have enough to do a sidewalk all the way out to the driveway. The landing is done in a basket weave pattern but I think I'll do the sidewalk in a running bond.

I'm at a bit of a standstill now as I'm waiting for my next load of tongue and groove pine from the mill for my interior wall sheathing and the above stairs floor. Hopefully I'll soon be getting a call that it is ready for pick up. I DID get all the wall insulation put up a few weeks ago.