Saturday, June 9, 2012

Room for Rent:

Ready for immediate occupancy. Must be under 5" tall, winged, with feathers and a beak. Family's are welcome and encouraged.

Price: Negotiable, but if you eat some bugs around the shop, we'll call it good.

I picked up this bird bottle on my most recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg. They found fragments of these when they excavated the yard at the James Geddy House. They are said to have been used as insect control around kitchens and stables in 18th Century Williamsburg. I've always thought these were pretty cool and I figured it would be a nice touch for the shop. Finally got it hung yesterday. Just waiting on some tenants now. And the perfect twig to add as a perch.


Anonymous said...

Jamie, this is so cool:) Never saw a bird bottle before.


Sgt42RHR said...

Not only is the birdhouse great, I really like your shop. I like your links to Clark & Williams and to Matt Bickford, do you do moulding?

John Johnston

Jamie Bacon said...


Thanks! I'm glad you like the shop. I'm having a great time building it.

I never really made much moulding with planes, I just really like wooden planes in general. I have 2 Clark and Williams smoothers and my other bench planes are vintage wooden planes. I don't have any of Matt Bickford's planes yet but hope to some day. Same for Phil Edwards' planes. He does some really great work.

Carla said...

That must be efficient. Nobody likes bugs, expecially cocrouches, so better keep them away. That is the one thing I look when I go see places to live or stay for a vacation. They can be small or far from downtown, but they cannot have bugs. Last year I travelled to Argentina and decided to rent an apartment in buenos aires  to stay knowing the city for a while. The first thing I looked for were bugs. In the one I did not found any, is the one I chose!

room for rent said...

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