Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some Proper Signage

I made this sign and sign post for the shop about a month ago but never got around to posting pictures. Does this mean that  I'm going into business? Absolutely not. I don't even have the energy to do what's on my wife's list much less try to do things for actual customers. This is just another piece in my quest to immerse myself in my own little 18th century fantasy world. The fact that I listed turner on there is a bit of a stretch for now, but I'm getting there.

The sign itself is made of red cedar, painted with a base of exterior latex. The lettering and tool silhouettes are also just exterior latex paint. I'll see how it holds up to the weather over time.

The post is a piece of 3x5 white oak that I got from the same Amish mill that I got the pine tongue and groove that I used for the shop floor and interior walls. The arm is attached to the post with a draw-bored mortice and tenon joint, so the iron bracket is rendered pretty much just ornamental. The curls on the end of the arm bracket and the brackets that hang the sign were just heated up in my paint can forge and bent around a couple pieces of small pipe that I held in a vice. I'm pleased with the overall effect.

Sign's up, flag's out. Shop's open.

The flip side.

Practicing on the spring pole. This will be a taper reamer.