Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Comes to the Shop

After putting up some wreaths in the windows of the house the other day, I started feeling bad for the shop being left out of the Christmas spirit so I decided to do a little something about it. I thought that a trip to Michael's to buy plastic wreaths or garland just wouldn't do so I headed out to the woods with some shears and visions of Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas. This is what I've come up with so far.

The front door. Some long needle pine
branches wired together with some berries
from a bush who's name escapes me right now

The Colonial Williamsburg bird bottle stuffed with crow's
foot and the mystery berries

And a little Christmas cheer inside the shop. More crow's
foot and mystery berries in the window sill over the bench

Still need to figure out something for under the window.
Looks kinda bare I think. Maybe just a swag of more pine


Derek said...

Hi Jamie,

Very festive...I like it. You're right, your window needs something. Maybe a wreath and some boughs? Definitely a candle or two inside it!

Merry Christmas!

Marshal said...

Leave milk and cookies and maybe Santa will leave you something nice out there!

Jamie Bacon said...

Hey, that's worth a shot Marshal. Wonder what kind of cookies I'd need to leave for a Clark and Williams plow plane. Or a half set of hollows and rounds from Matt Bickford or Clark and Williams. I'm thinking those would take a lot more than milk and cookies. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love it Jamie:) The swag under the window was perfect!