Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shop Update: Roof is On

Well, we were able to get the shingles on the roof between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Wanted to get it buttoned up before the rain moved in on Friday night and we did. First time I've ever done a roof this steep and I'm glad it was only six squares. That was plenty for me. And if I'm still around when it needs re-shingling, I'll be hiring someone for that job. :) I can't believe how hot the roof got by the time we got off it Friday, and it wasn't even quite noon yet. Would've never thought I'd have to worry about shingles being to hot to be on in March. Just goes to show how crazy the weather's been this year and the mild winter we had.

We also got the rest of the OSB on and got the 2x6 facia boards up. Next step is installing windows and doors. Starting to look like something now.


JL Young said...

Very Nice,

I've been considering building a structure very much like this one in my back yard. What are the plan dimensions?

Adam Weigand said...

Looks great Jamie. That's an exciting step. How does the space feel now that you have walls and a roof?

baconj said...

Thanks JL. The dimensions are 15' deep by 19'10" long. A bit strange I know, but our county lets you build without a permit if you keep the structure under 300 Sq. Ft.

baconj said...

Thanks Adam. I'm definitely getting excited at the progress. The shop actually feels larger than I thought it would now that it's enclosed. I would imagine getting the windows in will make it feel larger still. I'm sure it'll get small in a hurry though once workbench, tools, shave horse, tool chest, etc. go in.

Derek said...

Hi Jamie,

What county are you in? Your shop looks great, really coming along! I did the same Bowie....but went with a salt box roof with the long slope almost all "glassed" in with polycarb (3-ply)....lots less shingling! Of course, I should have just hired the amish...what they would have done in a weekend took me a year to finish! And then I got sent to Afganistan and posted to Canada! Go figure!

Anyway, good luck with the project, and keep the updates coming! I'm living vicariously through you now!


Jamie Bacon said...

Hey Derek,

I'm in St. Mary's County. About 60 to 70 miles south of Bowie. Your salt box sound cool, with lots of natural light. I actually considered a salt box design. I've always liked that look.

Alejamuel Sultz said...

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