Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tool Chest Build Part 5, Coming Together

Well, I've had a few late evenings to work on the tool chest since my last blog entry and it's starting to come together now. I'm not going to have it completely done and painted before I leave for North Carolina and my class with Roy, but I hope with a couple more evenings to have it done enough to trasport some tools in. I'm going to shoot for getting the lid made tonight. Then I'll need handles, I'm thinking cleats with rope handles, and I think I want to put a skirt board around the bottom. Maybe a trim board just below the lid also. Then a nice coat of milk paint on the outside. But for now, I'm shooting for a lid and handles before I head south at some point on Friday. Wish me luck. :)
I'll try to take lots of pictures and do a report on my experience at The Woodwrights School when I get back.


Anonymous said...

That looks great. I am in the process of building a chest as well for the same reason. This summer I'll be heading down to North Carolina to have class with Roy and Chris Schwarz. I just hope I can get my dovetails to come out ok. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas.


Steve Branam said...

Jamie, looks awesome!