Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Dearest Friend....

As many of you know, Jamie battled with Stage IV Peritoneal Carcinomatosis since being diagnosed in March of 2010.  His battled ended Tuesday morning, November 18th, while at home surrounded by so much love.  From the first day of diagnosis to the last moment he drew breath, Jamie showed the strength and courage that has become an inspiration to myself and all of those who knew him.  He never gave up hope or stopped living his life.  His biggest dreams were accomplished after cancer came into our lives and he created a bond so strong with his daughters that his passing will not break.

From the posts I have read before and since his passing, Jamie has an extended family beyond us.  The thoughts and kind words have deeply touched me.  He is one of the most talented, passionate men I have met and he has left his mark on us all.  Thank you from all the parts of my soul for being in his life, even if it was a text message, an email, a blog comment, a facebook voice, or an Instagram follower.  Jamie will forever live in our hearts and he will be missed more than words can convey.  I am so proud of the man he was and the fight he gave.  His journey is just beginning, but his battle is over.  Please keep him in your thoughts as the days move forward and keep him close.

God bless you all for being his family...



Unknown said...

I'm so saddened to read your post Jen. Jamie was a an extremely talented woodworker and wonderful blogger. He and I shared a common love for Williamsburg and I always looked forward to posts about the beautiful shop he constructed. He will be greatly missed by all of us but I know nowhere near as much as you and your children will miss him.
Please know that we share your pain and post here if there is any help his readers can provide your family.


Follansbee said...


I was sorry to hear yesterday the news of Jamie's death. I got to spend some time with him down at Roy Underhill's school, and it was nice to see him derive so much enjoyment from woodworking. In my mind, I have the image of him standing on top of his assembled joint stool, axes in hand. He was an inspiration. Our thoughts are with you & your family.
Peter Follansbee

Joe m said...

Jen, My condolences to you and your family. I have followed Jamie's blog for quite some time and now feel cheated...and saddened with this news...He will be missed by many .
Joe Maday

Lucy said...

Dear Jen, my husband followed Jamie on Instagram and I often admired his pictures. I am so sorry for the loss of your lovely husband and the daddy of your children. You are all in our prayers, Lucy x

Anonymous said...

So sorry to see this news, I have followed and enjoyed Jamie's blog for some time. I followed Jamie on Instagram where we exchanged comments and having the similar IG identity of planeliving we were sometimes confused for one another. I feel privileged to have had those few brief exchanges with Jamie.
Please be assured of my thoughts and prayers for you and your children.

Rick Lapp said...

Jen, that's abeautiful tribute. I never met Jamie but read all his blogs and even corresponded a couple times. As a physician I knew his prognosis was dire but his gusto for life was drawn from a deep well. Please accept my condolences to you and your children.
Rick Lapp

PeteW said...

Jen, sincere condolences to you and the girls. I have been a follower of Jamie's blog for some years and greatly enjoyed sharing his adventures. The building of his workshop was an inspiration in my own efforts. His loss will be deeply felt by many in the woodworking community around the world.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers go to you and your Family.
Jamie's blogs provide so much to so many.

Anonymous said...

Love you and will so miss your stories and our special times together. Your "biggest fan". Mom

Marshal said...

When I was diagnosed with cancer Jamie and I exchanged emails. Jamie did not know me but he took the time to help a stranger. His words gave me hope and faith. Something I will cherish forever. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Brentpmed said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that each time you sit in the sack back chair, or you and the kids handle the wooden spoons, you smile and find the special joy only you can have having shared your life with such an extraordinary person. May God lay his hand upon you, give you peace and solace and help you find the greatest memories and joy in that shared life.


Anonymous said...

Jamie was indeed an inspiration and an example of a life well lived. Each and every time I'm at my lathe I'll think of him and look forward to finding some way to honor what he meant to me. With love to you and the girls! Todd

Jonathan said...

So sorry to hear of Jamie's passing. My condolences to you and the family. I did not know Jamie, but I enjoyed reading his blog. Rest in Peace.

WA said...

Jen -

My sincere sympathies to you and your family. I met a Jamie down at Roy Underhill's last year. Jamie was an inspiration to us all for his incredible talent, enthusiasm and positive outlook. And, I might add, he talked about you and your girls in the most loving terms - it was so obvious how much he cared for you all.

May God help you find comfort in this sad time.

Bill Auld

Mike Fairleigh said...

I'm so sorry. I never had the chance to interact with Jamie but his posts and advice in other woodworking forums always seemed to be among the most kind and helpful.

Dave said...

I just found him on instagram and am instantly saddened. What an enormous wealth of talent, knowledge, compassion and fight. I don't know in any other way, but I feel the loss. My prayers are with you all who did know him and all he touched. God-speed.

Anonymous said...

Many more of Jamie's virtual friends are offering condolences to the family over on WoodNet.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I have, for a couple of years, always looked forward to Jamie's blog entries. I think so because of his positive and ambitious approach to his passion for woodworking, but also for his unquenchable stoke for life. Although I have never corresponded with him, Jamie has had an influence on me, as I'm sure he has on so many others. I can only hope you can somehow find comfort in that, and wish you and your children the best. Peace.

Aaron said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. I only knew Jamie through his blog, but I greatly admire his woodworking, his writing, and the way he embraced what he found exciting in life.

Anonymous said...

My deepest sympathies for your loss. Like many others, I never met Jamie in person, but greatly enjoyed following his endeavors through the blog, and benefited from his very open willingness to share information and answer questions. He seemed to truly enjoy life, and is a model for us all.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

So many people have already said all the things one wants to say. But I'm compelled to leave my words here as well. Because I met Jamie.

I met him at the Woodwrights School. It was only a week long class but, Jamie was a warm, kind person. It was easy to think of him as a close friend I've known for a while.

He was a talented a creative guy who was good at all the decided to do.

I'll pray that you find peace and strength for this time of sadness.

Unknown said...

Sad news of Jamie's passing. My prayer's are for him, and his Wife and Daughters. Jamie lived with strength to battle cancer, and keep going forward with what made him happy. May his Wife and Daughters draw from that strength, and always keep him in their hearts.



I've just stumbled onto this blog and was captivated by the love and life it shows so well. I think I would have enjoyed meeting Jamie, although his skill level might have intimidated me. Thank you, Jen and your family for leaving this blog up where Jamie can continue to inspire folks like me who may never have met him, but who feel very fortunate that he passed this way.

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