Friday, August 29, 2014

Time to Replenish the Tool Fund - I'll Have Some Eccentric Saws for Sale at WIA This Year

Never really used this blog to sell anything before, but my tool fund is low and with me not able to work for a while now, I think it's best to sell off some of the tools that I just  don't use to get money for some tools that I "need". So, with that being said, I'm going to be bringing 4 Andrew Lunn saws and one Ron Bontz saw with me to WIA this year to sell if anyone is interested. The Bontz saw was bought by me brand new and has made less than half a dozen cross-cuts. It's a half back filed in a hybrid tooth pattern. The Eccentric saws I bought only 3 or 4 months ago because I always wanted some and could never find them, so when I saw these, I jumped on them. Anyone who has been in the hand tool loop for at least 4 or 5 years probably knows of Andrews saws and how they were the finest around when he was still making saws. To my knowledge, he hasn't made saws in 3 or 4 years. I bought these off a woodworking forum site with no intention of re-selling them, but finances now dictate that I do. I have never made the first cut with any of the four. Not sure how much use they got before me, but they are all very sharp. For some reason, every one of them has some staining on the left side of the saw plate as the pictures show. The right side on each one is clean. Weird. Anyway, other than this they are pretty flawless with nice etching on all the brass backs. Not sure what to ask for these yet but obviously, I'd like to add as much as possible to the tool fund. Anyway,  just giving a heads up to anyone who may be at WIA and would like the chance to own one or four of these hard to find saws of Andrews. And I don't mean to slight Ron's half-back in any way. It's a  fine looking saw in it's own right. Ok, here's some pictures.

The Collection. They sure do look purty hanging in the shop.

The  Bontz Tools half-back, 18" saw plate.

Bontz Tools half-back

Dated 2008 on the saw plate.

Eccentric Tenon Saw. 15" saw plate. 4 1/16" under brass at handle, 3 13/16
under brass at toe.

Eccentric Rip Carcass Saw

Eccentric Rip Carcass Saw. 11 1/2" saw plate. 2" under brass at handle,
1 13/16" under brass at toe.

Eccentric Cross Cut Carcass Saw

Eccentric Saw Cross Cut Carcass Saw. 11 1/2" saw Plate.
1 3/4" under brass at handle, 1 9/16" under brass at toe.

Eccentric Dovetail Saw

Eccentric Saw Dovetail Saw. 9 1/4" saw plate. 1 5/16" under brass at handle,
1 1/8" under brass at toe.


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So far this is the best reason I've sen to attend WIA this year!

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