Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg Trip Report

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This past weekend, my wife Jen and I traveled to Colonial Williamsburg for a weekend at my favorite destination. No different than the many weekends I'd traveled here before except for one major difference; this time we would be staying right in the historic area in a room at the Brick House Tavern. The Brick House is one of two taverns renting individual rooms in Colonial Williamsburg, Market Square Tavern being the other. Both are located on Duke of Gloucester Street about a block and a half apart. The Brick House is right next to the armory complex.

We left our house Friday morning and got into town around noon. We caught a movie at Movie Tavern to kill a little time until our 4 o'clock check in. After the movie, we decided to ride over to the Williamsburg Inn where all check-ins for historic area lodging are handled. The Inn is a first class hotel in every way. The doors to the lobby are opened for you and when we stepped through we were greeted by the sound of a harpist playing in the large sitting area of the luxuriously furnished lobby. Although it was only 2:30, we were able to check in early. After getting some paperwork straight with the friendly woman at the front desk, we met with the concierge to get a few other things situated, mainly confirming our dinner reservations and program reservations. The concierge was also very pleasant and helpful. When it was time to be shown the way to the tavern we were instructed to follow a bell hop in a van who carried our luggage to our room for us after showing us where to park, which was very conveniently directly behind the tavern.

Upon entering our room, I can't say I was blown away by the size or luxury appointments in the room; it was small, no more than 140 sq. ft. not including the bathroom. We were on the second floor in a corner room facing Duke of Gloucester Street. Being it was a corner room, we also had a window on the side of the room which overlooked the armory complex. The bathroom was also not large, and being on the second floor, the front wall of the room followed the roof line of the tavern. The only place this was really a problem was in the shower, where you had about 2 feet of full height shower and then it tapered down with the roof line until it ended at about 3 1/2 feet of height. Not ideal, but manageable. The room was furnished in 18th century style furniture with a queen bed, dresser, two night stands and a small occasional table, and a desk with a windsor chair. There was also an upholstered wing chair in the corner. Where the room really proved it worth was it's location. For me at least, there is nothing like being able to walk out your door at any time and be right in the heart of the historic area. It was also pretty cool to hear the clip-clop of horses go by all day carrying tourist on carriage rides. We definitely took advantage of the location. After going out for another amazing dinner at Aberdeen Barn ( both Jen and I's favorite restaurant in the world ), it was back to our room and our 18th century world. Friday night I walked the historic area til almost midnight taking pictures that I wouldn't normally get and Saturday morning Jen got up and went for a brisk exercise paced walk while I chose a more casual pace armed with my camera again. So nice taking pictures early in the morning before the crowd gets there.

Saturday was our busy day there. I spent most of the day in 18th century dress, which made me pretty happy ( I know, what a weirdo ). I did get asked several times when buying things in the historic area if I had my CW employee card so they could give me my employee discount. :-) We booked a free 2 o'clock program a Great Hopes Plantation called Working the Soil, Healing the Soul. This was about being a slave in the 18th century and the hardships of slavery and the bonds slaves formed with each other to make it through each day. The program was very well presented. Extremely informative and enjoyable. After that hour long program was over, we walked back to our room ( such a nice option rather than having to drive to a hotel in town ) and relaxed a little until our dinner reservation at Kings Arms Tavern at 5:45. We were seated upstairs in a nice room with about 6 tables, authentically furnished for the period. My meal was better that I expected, prime rib with roasted red skinned potatoes and rice. Jen got a seafood macaroni dish and I don't believe she was very impressed with her meal. We both got the soup of the day before our meal, which was a chicken corn chowder with bacon. We both agreed that this was delicious. No room for dessert.

After dinner we walked our food off a little and then met at the Greenhow Lumberhouse for our 8:30 evening program, Ghost Amongst Us. This was fun. It was a candlelit tour that took us inside the governors palace, the Wythe house, and the Geddy house for stories told and acted out by actresses portraying 18th century characters from their stories. The stories were fun, but I enjoyed just being in the building after dark with just the light of a lantern; a much different feel than visiting during daylight hours.

Sunday we got up, did our walks around the nearly empty historic area again, and then toured the Capitol building and checked out the armory complex before having to check out and head home. It was an amazing weekend and being able to stay in the historic area really enhanced my enjoyment of it all. It's a weekend I'll always remember. 

A Friday night picture taken from beside the Post Office

Prentis Store at night

Our Tavern

Beautifully quiet and peaceful in the early morning light

Lathe behind the Wheelwright's Shop

Early morning at the Hay Shop

A different angle of the Hay Shop

Jen and I's favorite tree. A beautiful, sprawling Compton Oak across
from the St. George Tucker house

Me waiting for the Great Hopes program to start. Imagining that I am
looking over my freshly planted tobacco fields at my Williamsburg

Jen staying cool in the shade waiting for the program to start

A picture in our room after changing into my dinner

At Kings Arms Tavern waiting for the meal
Getting a little goofy waiting for our meal. Must've been food deprivation. 

My beautiful bride at Kings Arms Tavern


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Jamie. Must have felt like Williamsburg was your own little heaven without the tourist in the early morning and late evenings. Hope that your Compton Oak will one day look as good as the one from St George Tucker house:)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jamie!!! Glad you had such a good time and I love you dressed in your colonial clothes!! Very handsome!!!

Charles said...

Great post Jamie. I am glade you dressed period, gives a total different perspective doe it not?
Now we have to work on Jen :)

Jamie Bacon said...

Thanks Mom and Debbie. It was truly a wonderful weekend. I had such a good time and it was a unique experience.

Jamie Bacon said...

Thanks Charles. I loved dressing in period appropriate clothing. That's definitely a great place to do it. It has me wanting to expand my wardrobe now. I'm surprisingly comfortable in them. As for Jen, good luck. Maybe we can sway her next week.

Furnituremaker said...

It is great to see your post there is definitely something about wearing period clothes with the poofy shirts. Especially when you go to walmart.:)

Bill Rainford said...

Great pictures. Whenever my mind wanders I often daydream of living in Williamsburg -- my wife and I love it down there. Also nice to see another Pats fan. (We're from Boston :-)

Take care,

Cidiacedid said...

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