Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Few Recent Acquisitions For The Shop

Just a couple pictures of some recent additions that I've acquired for the shop over the last few months.

Gramercy Tools dovetail saw. I had one before and sold it. They're great
saws, I just found myself using my Wenzloff Kenyon style dovetail saw
as my "go to". This was just too good of a deal to pass on though. Not
a mark on it, sharp as a tack, and $80 off the price of a new one. I'm quite
happy to have gotten one of these back in the fold.

Pierced tin lantern by Master Tinsmith James Glynn.
Again, just too good a deal to pass on. Found it on eBay.
Hung it between the double window above my bench on
a hand forge hanger I'd gotten at last years Fort Frederick
Market Fair.

Equipped with a beeswax candle. Really doesn't put out
a lot of light, but you can't beat the look.

Last but not least, a grindstone that I found at a local antique store. It's
missing the seat and the drip cup, but I plan on making a wooden stand
for it anyway. Debating between the style found in Roubo's plates or
something of similar style, but with a seat. Going to have a removable
water trough under the stone. The main thing is that the stone itself is
in great shape. Perfectly round with the only flaw being a small chip on
the opposite side of what is shown in the picture; and it only encroaches in
on the grinding surface of the stone about an eight of an inch or so.
I'm happy to have finally found one of these locally and in such good shape.


Anonymous said...

Love all the new toys:)


Jamie Bacon said...

Me too Mom! Always love getting new stuff for the shop. Have to put up the cresset Jen got me soon and try it out. Oh, and glad the comments are working for you now. You can't be my biggest blog fan if you can't comment. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the grindstone! I'm jealous.

Coeptus said...

The Gramercy Dovetail saw is a great little guy. That grindstone is also a fantastic find, those improvements sound like thy will make it a great worker.

Jamie Bacon said...

I looked a long time for a grindstone that was available locally and wasn't deformed. And I was jealous of a lot of grindstones along the way Charlie. Now to find time to build that new frame.

Jamie Bacon said...

Hi Jason. I gotta say, it's nice to have the little Gramercy back in the fold. And I really hope the grindstone project doesn't get pushed back too far. What style do they use at Plimoth?

Coeptus said...


Behind the scenes we use an antique cast iron water trough with a huge 3ft grinding wheel powered by a motor. In the village we use a much smaller recreation wheel that is hand cranked and cooled by a little drizzle from the top.