Friday, July 26, 2013

The Shop is Open - Colonial Williamsburg Style

Inspired by a side trip to Colonial Williamsburg on my way back from a class at The Woodwright's School, I came home and promptly ordered a flag to put out beside my shop. For those of you that have not been to Colonial Williamsburg, the way to tell if a shop or an exhibition is open is to look for a flag outside the building. Flag out, building open; no flag, building closed. So I thought that would be a neat little feature to have outside my shop door. Granted, Colonial Williamsburg uses a British flag and I ordered a "Betsy Ross" style Colonial American flag, but you get the gist of it I think. :-)

Flags out. Come on in!

Oh, I also put in a sidewalk out to the shop before I headed to North Carolina. Really nice to be able to walk out to the shop without getting your feet wet or grass all over them. I was lucky enough to come across some circa mid to late 19th century handmade bricks a few years back and this is what I used for the sidewalk. I really like the look. Being hand made, there are some variances and inconsistencies and this is right up my alley.

I jokingly call this my "path to enlightenment".


WA said...

Looks terrific, Jamie!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie

It looks terrific! Let me know when I can drop by for a visit.


Jamie Bacon said...

Thanks Bill!

Jamie Bacon said...

Don, you drop by anytime. Just give me a heads up so I'll be sure to be home. And so I can make sure I've got some burgers to throw on the grill. I'd love to have you back.

Isaac said...

Jamie, that is a great looking shop, both inside and out.

Jamie Bacon said...

Thanks Isaac. I have thoroughly enjoyed working out of it for the last 10 months or so.

Anonymous said...

Love the finishing touches:)


Anonymous said...

Fellow hand tool afficianado who just found your blog.
Absolutely love your shop. I live over in Northern Virginia
and have been over to St Mary's several times.
Next time we'll have to stop and see the actual thing.
The Amish mill you used did some good work
with the wood they supplied and the 2x10's
were a great touch.


Jamie Bacon said...

You're welcome to stop by and check out the shop. Always nice to meet another hand tool woodworker.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. You can always split the difference and go with a Cambridge Flag (looks like a union jack in the corner with the 13 stripes) and was the first American flag.

Jamie Bacon said...

Thanks Bill. Funny you should mention that flag; I have it on my watch list on ebay. Great looking flag. If I hadn't just spent good money on the "Betsy Ross"" flag, I'd have a Continental Colors flying. Maybe next year.

Really glad to have stumbled across you blog by the way.

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