Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fun With Scraps

I had some cedar left over from my shutters and an ugly blue plastic dust pan that I was hiding behind the trashcan in the shop. Seemed to me like I'd found a good use for those cedar scraps.

The cedar proved to be a good choice because it kept the dust pan lighter than it looks. The paint is just some latex I had lying around, sanded down a little after drying; figured it'd make the shavings slide out easier. The handle is tenoned and pinned into the back. I have no clue what wood it is, but it's extremely dense. It's what was left after I cut the handle down of the mallet you see in the pictures. Made that Monday evening and after pounding on a mortise chisel for about a half hour there wasn't any sign that it had even been used. Tough stuff. Maybe some ambrosia maple or something? I love these quick little projects.


Anonymous said...

That’s a nice looking dust pan. In keeping with a hand tool wood shop. As far as the mallet goes, I’ve wondered how a mallet head made of osage orange would hold up. Now all you have to do is replace your shiny, galvanized trash can with a nice stave barrel. :-)


Jamie Bacon said...

Thanks Dean. I think this dust pan is much more appropriate for the shop than that old blue plastic one. We're sharing a brain on the trash can; I've got my eyes open for a nice barrel.

As for an osage orange mallet, I've never used the stuff but from what I understand, it's a pretty tough and dense wood. So I think it'd make a fine mallet.

Anonymous said...

You are so creative:)


Alan Huse said...

osage makes good chisel handle so it should make good mallet too

dyfhid said...

That's a great idea for the dust pan, I'd never have thought to use dimensional lumber like that, seemed it would be too thick, but for shavings, it seems to work just fine.

I'd actually like to know where you got the little whisk broom, that thing is awesome - I've never seen its like, ad I want one!

Great job on the shop, you've given me some good ideas for when I start mine this spring.

Jamie Bacon said...

Hi Dyfhid,
The dust pan works well in the shop; and looks much more appropriate than plastic. I could have actually took the ramp to a finer edge to make it pick up slightly better, but I didn't want to make the edge too fragile.
The broom is really cool. I got it at the Mount Vernon Craft Fair last year. It was made by Gary Robinson of Jack Mountain Crafters out of Bolar, Virginia. Hand made and only $20. A real bargain if you ask me. It's called a turkey wing broom.
If you think of it, let me know how you make out on your shop next year. I always enjoy following along with shop builds.

Take care,


Pollacks Stogies said...

The dust pan's a great idea and one I'll steal! I've been hiding my ol' plastic junk too.

Jamie Bacon said...

Yeah, I hate plastic in the shop! You know, with this spoon carving itch starting to get scratched, I'm wondering if I could CARVE a dust pan? Hmmmm.