Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bench Addition

I saw some pictures of a few other benches on line that had this feature added to them and I liked it, so I thought I'd treat my Nicholson to one. So far, it's been a nice addition. It's purpose is not a permanent storage spot for tools, but rather a place to temporarily store tools that are going to be frequently used for the project at hand. That's why, other than the few spots on the left made for chisel storage, the slots are left open with no individual slots for specific tools, because the tools stored here will change based on the project. The obvious benefit is that it helps keep your bench free of tools on the work surface and eliminates the chance for a chisel to roll of the bench top.
I've never used a bench with a tool well but I've heard the major complaint about them is that they are a place for shavings and miscellaneous junk to gather. This rack seems to have the tool well's advantage of keeping tools close at hand without the disadvantage of inviting unwanted junk to gather.
I just used some SYP left over from the bench build for the rack. The slots were laid out to the widths I wanted, marked the depth, sawed to the depth line every inch or so with a crosscut backsaw, and then the waste was chiseled out. A little work with the paring chisel to somewhat smooth things out and it's ready to mount on the back of the bench. I just used 1/4" lag bolts from the home center to attach it. Eventually, I'd like to replace these with square headed lags, strictly for aesthetics.


Badger Woodworks said...

I've been thinking of doing something like this for my bench, and you've tipped me over the edge.

It looks very handy to have the tools right there, but not rolling off the bench. The only thing I might change is some holes for putting my dividers into.

Nice simple design, I like it.

baconj said...

Hey Badger. A place for a couple pairs of dividers sounds like a great addition. I find myself using them quite a bit these days for transferring measurements. Much more reliable than a rule.

rolling tool chest said...

Nic design, I like it.

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